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CBS Poll Shows Palin is More Disliked than Tea Party

Posted by Caleb Garrett on

A new CBS poll released the evening of Oct. 6 shows that Americans are equally divided over whether they have a favorable view of the burgeoning Tea Party movement, but that more than twice as many of them surveyed have an unfavorable view of former Gov. Sarah Palin.

The poll taken between Oct. 1 and Oct. 5 shows that while 22 percent of the Americans surveyed by CBS view the Tea Party favorably, 21 percent viewed them unfavorably — with 56 percent saying they just didn't know. But in Palin's case, just 22 percent viewed her favorably, while 48 percent …


How To Grow Your Own Healthy Organic Vegetable Garden

Posted by Caleb Garrett on

When I was first married, I began planting a vegetable garden each spring as a hobby with the added bonus of saving a few dollars on my grocery bill. At the end of each winter I would sit and plan out exactly what it was I thought I would like to grow that year. I would list everything I would need. Seeds, some soil or peat, annual herbs and….commercial fertilizer.

I thought that as long as my vegetables
were large and my yield high that I was doing something good. That is until I bought a subscription to a gardening …