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Why It's Healthy To Stop Using Facebook For a While

Posted by Caleb Garrett on

Facebook tends to consume many aspects of our lives: we talk to friends on Facebook, post about our feelings on Facebook and even get invited to events through Facebook. Because it consumes so many aspects of our lives, it's healthy for us to take a step back every once in a while and say no to this social media website.

Below are several reasons why it's healthy to take a break from Facebook.

Facebook can be addictive. People can waste hours at work on Facebook, and lose valuable time with family and friends by being glued to Facebook on their …


Grow Basil – Make Pesto! Simple Pesto Recipe Plus Tips on Growing Herbs in Your Window Sill

Posted by Caleb Garrett on

A strong flavored herb, basil has a rich flavor with a trace of mint and clove. It can be grown in a sunny window for various uses in tomato dishes and salads. It is the key ingredient in pesto sauce, the simple and delicious Italian pasta sauce.

If you've never considered yourself as having a green thumb before, growing fresh herbs is a terrific first step. They're also an important part of what Linda McCartney called a "living kitchen" in her vegetarian cookbook entitled, Home Cooking; Quick, Easy, And Economical Vegetarian Dishes for Today.

If you're going to grow one …