Coffee Samplers

Coffee samplers introduce you to the hundreds of varieties of coffee around the world. Whether you buy a two ounce sample that makes one pot, or a half of a pound to make several pots, you will appreciate being able to try the coffee without having to commit to it. Samplers are also a great way to share the deepest flavors with friends and family.

Coffee Samplers for Explorers and the Commitment Phobic

If you just cannot make up your mind about which coffee you want to drink each day, keeping your cupboards stocked with coffee samplers is a way to solve the dilemma. With small samples, you can brew one type of coffee one day then brew a different flavor or blend the next day. You will not have to make a harsh choice over which one you like better–you can have them all, and they will be fresh!

Many coffee enthusiasts have friends who share their passion for quality coffee. For these people, coffee samplers make great gifts. You can add the samples to a gift basket made of a variety of items, such as mugs, t-shirts, and videos or books about coffee. Or, you can give samplers themselves as gifts. Who would not enjoy trying four or eight different varieties of coffee?

Samplers often come in their own gift box, so they stand alone as delightful presents for your coffee-loving friends. If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, you might instead opt for a coffee of the month club, and buy one for yourself as well! Then you will be able to try a whole pound of coffee and have a new variety delivered right to your mailbox the next month.