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Written by Shirley Parker

Personal chef training can be obtained through a number of culinary academies that belong to fine organizations. Training may be provided in a variety of ways to suit the student's time and means and personality. For example, a class that lasts a week in a specific location teaches in a way that only personal interaction can, enhanced by manuals to study at home, or online learning.

Just liking to cook is only one of the many requirements in personal chef training. Making mistakes in a safe environment, surrounded by peers, is invaluable learning. Independent cooking schools in many communities teach ongoing courses, and maintain online bulletin boards and other networking and new client opportunities for their graduates. Local people know the community they're dealing with and the foibles of its society.

Some personal chef associations have very active chapters across the United States or busy forums online, where members provide how-to help for each other by: suggesting replacement recipes in times of unexpected shortages, providing a solution to a stove with a mind of its own, or dealing kindly with a lonesome client who talks too much. Sometimes, they just share laughs. Paper copies of a magazine are eagerly looked forward to, for those whose eyes grow tired of computer screens.

Personal Chef Training Continues at Conventions

Annual and sometimes local or regional conventions build additional confidence in those beginning and continuing their personal chef training. It is a testament to our changing society that so much professional support is right there at hand. Over the past 15 years, the demand for personal chefs and training has increased so much that it's no longer a small niche. The possibilities for a satisfying career for the right individual are quite impressive.