Breast lift is also medically referred to as Mastopexy. This is a plastic surgery that involves raising and reshaping sagging or drooping breasts. It’s natural for breasts to droop for a number of reasons that is, retracting and expanding of breast tissue at times of pregnancy, aging, nursing or extensive exercise without tight bra. The aforementioned factors lead or contribute to losing of elasticity of a woman’s breast skin and begin to sag.

Breast uplift tightens and reshapes the tissues, giving the support to make breasts pert. This medical procedure enhances the appearance of sagging breasts, in some cases, implants are incorporated to restore the voided areas of the breasts. In addition, others may prefer Mastopexy, to remove the unused skin to thwart future breast sagging.


Generally, breast lift solely has a cosmetic purpose than medical. It is a cosmetic medical procedure that makes women feel and look younger by making their breast tender and firm. It is a boost of self-esteem to a woman. Most insurances consider such medical operations elective and they may be excluded in their covers.


As long as there is no dramatic weight variation, the effects of the surgery should last fairly long. However, as aging takes its course, the breasts will once again sag due to gravity reducing the elasticity of skin breast. The breast implants improve the results of the surgery when inserted in the unfilled parts of the breast tissues.


The risks involved with Breast lift are also the standard risks associated with any surgery: an allergic reaction to anesthesia or risk of infections. Other risks include bleeding and infection of the breasts leading to unusual scarring, insensitivity in the breast, or unevenly positioned nipples. The scars are guaranteed to be noticeable and permanent, but smokers may encounter worse scar. In some severe instances, the surgery can result in death.