Why It's Healthy To Stop Using Facebook For a While

Facebook tends to consume many aspects of our lives: we talk to friends on Facebook, post about our feelings on Facebook and even get invited to events through Facebook. Because it consumes so many aspects of our lives, it's healthy for us to take a step back every once in a while and say no to this social media website.

Below are several reasons why it's healthy to take a break from Facebook.

Facebook can be addictive. People can waste hours at work on Facebook, and lose valuable time with family and friends by being glued to Facebook on their computers and phones. By taking a break from Facebook, one may discover new hobbies, or rediscover ones that were abandoned in favor of spending time using social media.

You don't have to feel guilty about going to events that you don't really want to attend when you don't sign on to Facebook. If someone invites you to something and really wants you there, they'll bug you in person, through email or by phone. Don't let Facebook make you feel pressured into deciding whether you want to attend – and actually attending – events that you don't feel like attending.

Facebook can be upsetting. Ever have a friend say that they're too tired to hang out with you, only to see them post an hour later that they're out with other friends? Step back from the lies and drama, and don't bother with what other people are doing. You'll be happier not knowing when a friend is telling you things that are less than the truth.

You can play a real life game instead of a Facebook one. I realize that games like Farmville can be super addictive, so why not step back and ignore the game for a while? Breaking the addiction to silly online games is a major step towards breaking your Facebook addiction.

Once people realize you don't spend much time on Facebook, they won't expect things from you on the site. For example, if you don't comment on your friends' posts, they can't get upset because they'll know that you aren't ignoring them – you simply don't sign on to Facebook often.

Staying off of friendships allows you to cultivate and enjoy in-person conversation. It can be much more meaningful to share lunch with a friend than to say "hey, what's up?" once a week on Facebook. Allow yourself to enjoy real life relationships.

Facebook isn't that important. You can read the news to learn about life-changing information. You can talk or email with friends for personal information sharing. You don't need Facebook to survive.